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Spring of Kumari Tears, review edisi Inggris Mata Air AIr Mata Kumari oleh Truly Rudiono

Author : Yudhi Herwibowo
Indonesian Editor : Bandung Mawardi
Cover Design : Hikozaa
Illustration : Bukukatta
Translated : Rini Nurul Badariah & Nita Candra
ISBN : 978-979-1032-41-4
Pages : 112

I am shocked………………………!

Because there is a snake which always comes near a baby, even though the baby has been taken far away from its village. The snake can somehow find the baby, and stays by its side until someone shrieked!

I am afraid………………………!

Because there’s a little girl with silvery eyes who can kill her mother’s loyal customer.

I am concerned………………………!
Because nobody has found the withering body of a mere boy yet.

I am shivering………………………!
Having read ‘ “And who dares to tempt my action? I hope even the demons will learn their lessons!” said Empu Bayu Aji, the age of Padjajaran, 1150 AD.’

And it’s all because I read Yudhi Heriwibowo’s new book, Mata Air Air Mata Kumari. It’s as if all of my strength and emotion has been drained, all my defenses gone astray. This 140 pages book has dragged me out of my comfortable zone. Exhausting, yet nourishes my soul.

This book contained a good mixture of 14 short stories . Kofa tells us about the beauty of a city, or rather, a city which was beautiful once, Amela Ameli-my time was almost up. Perhaps tonight, Lama Fa, Tale of Umar Pengkor, Baboa Bay, Keris of Kyai Setan Kober, Devil Child, Ana Bakka. A reflection on a water jar, a Cracked Mirror, a Ceiling a Dusty House, and a Broken Epitaph. Nenang Kawi Hill, Dead Land Messenger, Spring of Kumari Tears. A STory About Tiku, Two Silvery Eyes. Uniquely enough, the setting of some of the stories are not in Java, where the writer lives. The beautifully carved stories are such as if the writer was actually there. Each story has its own uniqueness. Nothing is the same from each of them, there’s always element of surprise.

The titles are also well considered by the writer. Sometimes he used one single word, straight to the point. For others he picked a long sentence. In the table of content, under the title, there’s a short description no more than 5 lines about the plot. Intriguing! We can read which story that entices us first. But don’t you worry, all of them are interesting. I myself found it hard to decide which one is my favorite. All of them are beautiful and alluring. In some stories, there are illustration which is different from the writer’s other books. The pictures seem bleak and mature.

This book is exceptional!

This book doesn’t offer long wordy descriptions, no lilting expressions, no research-born facts, no make-believe fantasy, but strands of words which came from the bottom of the heart. Each and every one of them is full of feeling. So touching.

Its first page ensnared me in amazement! After that I was kinda let myself bewitched. It seems that the book was made by pouring all of the writer’s finesse, as if there’s no other book to be written tomorrow!

The Story Teller
Young, modest, creative and productive! ^_^
That’s my short description about the man behind the book. If Yudhi Herwibowo is not a special character, there’s no way Bandung Mawardi was willing to be the special editor. It says much about well considered decision that he took time his time between his busy schedule as an essayist. Not all writers can get that kind of honor.

In his young age, he has written 26 books. Not to mention other activities, running a publishing company, hunting for manuscripts, being an editor as well as a secretary at the publishing company. He never meant to be a one man show, but the circumstances demand him to be a hard worker!

In selecting his words, Yudhi seemed conscientious. Each word emanates a certain aura. Such as, “... and I will engrave word by word on leaves which fall ointo your body as the most exquisite imagination for you...“Cukup ingat aku sebagai : hikozza.

For me, Yudhi is awesome! When he writes, he metamorphoses according to the theme he’s writing. The book will still be “Yudhi’s book” but there’s a distinction when he writes a joke book, J-novel, or others.

When I read Pandaya Sriwijaya and Untung Surapati, I didn’t feel like I was back in history class, but I felt as if I was one of the peasants where the story took place. In Samurai Cahaya, I was an ordinary person who lived in samurai age. I can feel how thick Yudhi's essence in many manifestations. Serious, funny, mature, you name it! I’m not a fan of history and J-Novels, but through Yudhi’s book I learn to enjoy it.

In this book...


Despite myself, every story churned my emotions!
You can reach Yudhi at:

I want you to stop reading this scribble of mine,
because I really don’t have much words left
Just go ahead and take a sneak peak by clicking the links above.
You will not regret it!

Translated by Dina Begum
THX sis...................

Waktu Mas Yudhi tanya bisa rekomen alih bahasa untuk buku ini, saya langsung teringat beberapa nama. Silahkan pilih sendiri mas... feelnya nyantol kemana. Ternyata ke sis Rini. ^_^
Membaca buku ini beberapa kali tetap membuatku merinding.
Dari semua buku mas Yudhi, sepertinya ini adalah saripatinya
Semoga besok saya bisa mendapat buntelan saripati yang lain (ehem)

Senang banget saat buku ini dibedah pada OPMI.
Biar semakin banyak yang tahu karya bermutu seorang YUDHI HERWIBOWO

@Sis Dina
harap ditunggun yah, edisi Bahasa Indonesia bakalan aku timpuk segera ke tempatmu
Ssst kalo versi ini kudu nodong yang punya he he he he maklum cetakan khusus dan terbatas

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